Hey there, I’m Shreyansh! 👋🏽 Pleasure to e-meet you! Let’s dive into the saga that is my life, shall we?

This is me!

My first love? It’s not a high school sweetheart or a college fling, it’s engineering. I once joked it was my 0-th love (programmer humor, am I right?), but my girlfriend didn’t quite find it as funny. I’ve been couch-surfing in my own home since then (send help or cushions, please.)

After high-school, I shipped myself to the States and became a Computer Science disciple at the University of Washington. But after a year, I decided to break free and chase the real dream: engineering, the software kind.

In my wild escapades before settling down, I rubbed elbows with the cool kids at Fynd, Coinbase, QuestBook, Scripbox, Bureau, and Gamezop. It was like being on tour, but with a keyboard and a crippling caffeine addiction.

Whenever I have an intellectual itch or find a project worth rambling about, or a topic to really get into, I come to this quaint little corner of the web called From Scratch. It’s where I put on my fancy pants and write long, love letters to the things that tickle my fancy. Mostly, it’s just an excuse to geek out over the intricacies of something super niche, all in the name of sharing the love for engineering. And if I snag some new knowledge along the way, that’s a sweet bonus!

Switching gears a bit, I also have this quirky hobby of arguing with circuit boards. Picture a courtroom drama, but in a workshop, where I’m trying to persuade these stubborn chunks of silicon to blink an LED. It’s like debating with a toddler, but with more wires and fewer tantrums.

I have a soft spot for Urdu poetry. It’s like my brain goes on a little vacation to a land of eloquence and emotion every time I read or write a verse.

If you’re ever in the mood to grab a cold one, rant about why JavaScript might have been hitting the paint fumes a bit too hard, or just want to throw some good reads my way, I’m all ears! Drop me a line.